TeamBrain - Dynamics and Chatbot FAQ

The right answer in 1 click

Take care of your (future) customers
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Thanks to TeamBrain technology,
you get the power
a dynamic self-learning FAQ
associated with the interactivity of the chatbot,
2-in-1s, no code and no headaches

TeamBrain - Dynamics and Chatbot FAQ

Help your team become more productive


Free your team to focus on high value-added activities, drastically reducing their volume of requests. Automate responses in your self-care space and in your bot. Automatically capitalize on your formal and informal knowledge.

TeamBrain - Dynamics and Chatbot FAQ

Direct requests to the right channels


Some answers need to be automated and some questions exploited as an opportunity. By directing your users to the right tools and workflows, we make your organization more agile, efficient and able to identify and exploit your leads.

TeamBrain - Dynamics and Chatbot FAQ

Inform, reassure to convert … more


By providing the right answers at the right time and capturing the intentions of your visitors, your prospects will be convinced and reassured. Thus, you drastically improve your conversion rate.

TeamBrain - Dynamics and Chatbot FAQ

Help your customers where they need it


You can automatically answer your customers’ questions, where they ask them: in your application, your website or extranet, your customer area, …

TeamBrain - Dynamics and Chatbot FAQ

Pay the right price

With our price list that is both progressive and transparent, do not overpay for your Selfcare space, take care of your ROI!

Free your employees

Free your employees

Give your team the power to be efficient with a 100% business solution: without an agency, without a developer, without a chatbot expert.

How does it work?

TeamBrain Application
  • 1I submit my question
  • 2TeamBrain gives only one answer, the right one
  • 3If it doesn’t have the answer, it asks the right person for you
  • 4Next time, “your” TeamBrain will answer directly, because it has learned


Simple to use

Simple to use

A simple, ergonomic user interface for instant appropriation, requiring no initial training.

Collective intelligence

Collective intelligence

TeamBrain® helps you build a common, relevant and ever-up-to-date knowledge.

Get answers quickly

Get answers quickly

Get the right info when you need it, up-to-date and reliable.

Business accelerator

Business accelerator

TeamBrain® promotes the acquisition of skills and efficiency of your teams, secures your projects.



TeamBrain® saves your team time and energy, ensuring a quick return on investment

Community management

Community management

TeamBrain® allows you to encourage and drive your communities. It also optimizes your behavior of change.


Redundant questions automatically replied


Client satisfaction


Employee efficiency


Use cases

img chaise dsw

Product Information

Your sellers can instantly inform your customers about your products and services. Your salespeople are “improved” and they become more efficient thanks to the knowledge of their colleagues.

Client satisfaction
Collective intelligence
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Higher education

Dedicate your teams to the essentials and let TeamBrain focus on the recurring and time-consuming tasks of your administration department, both internally and externally.

Automated responses
Final response rate
Time saving
img commercial


Your website and/or extranet becomes dynamic and allows you to know the questions of your prospects and customers and to provide them instantly answers 24/7.

Customer Loyalty
Client satisfaction
img projet

Project (change management)

Collect questions from people impacted by your changes (organization, information system, etc.) and provide them with an immediate answer. Align your organization with best practices.

Project risks
Deployment speed
Training costs
img reunion


Train your employees and customers when they feel the need (10-20-70) and optimize your blended learning.

Earned operational time
Cost of training
Deployment time
img support


Automatically deal with redundant questions. Provide immediate answers to questions from your employees, prospects or customers and optimize your support service time.

Calls and emails
Customer response time
Client satisfaction


End users

Answers received


Using TeamBrain, I divided my support (level 1) by 6!

— Emmanuel Poidevin – Président de E-Attestations —

TeamBrain “uberizes” ticketing tools!

— Emmanuel Poidevin – CEO of E-Attestations —

What seduced me is the ultra-simplicity of the application!

— Gregory – Support IT Manager (Schneider-Electric) —

We have drastically reduced the number of phone calls and emails. We can focus on the important issues.

— Anastasia – Satisfied Support Manager —

I can identify training needs and dynamically share knowledge between experts and end-users. This makes my deployment easier and secure.

— John – Satisfied Project Manager —

This tool helps me get answers very quickly when I’m working. It saves me a lot of time. It’s very effective!

— Kim – Satisfied Employee —


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