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TeamBrain is the only software on the market to use a truly self-learning algorithm (in addition to NLP), which allows you to:

  • benefit from a dynamic FAQ and a chatbot, the 2-in-1
  • Focus your operations and support teams on value-added tasks, automating up to 95% of the questions they receive.
  • Significantly improve the satisfaction of your customers by providing them with immediate answers 24/7, in all languages.
  • improve your SEO by referencing your dynamic FAQ pages.
  • simply deploy your bot and FAQ-SEO page without using linguists, developers, chatbot experts.
  • automatically reply to your visitors and employees in more than 100 languages.

From 99€ HT/month (Starter license)
(see price list)

Posos Alternative: TeamBrain Dashboard
dynamic FAQ Dashboard

With TeamBrain, I divided my support requests by 6!
(Emmanuel Poidevin, President of e-Attestations)

Emmanuel Poidevin, Président d'e-Attestations

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