Le meilleur du chatbot sans ses inconvénients


The Anti-Chatbot, the chatbot without its disadvantages

The Chatbot that learns from interactions with your users and automatically capitalizes on the responses of your experts.

The Anti-chatbot brings you all the benefits of the FAQ bot (link faqbot page) (conversion 20-30%, automation 95% … with + interactivity.

Add conversational interactivity to your dynamic FAQBot

Thanks to interactive answers, you can guide your visitors to the right answer, the right channel, and favor either self-care or personalized support (business opportunity or level 2 support), or improve your conversion rates and feed your CRM


Personalize your answers

With dynamic personalization fields, you answer a simple question by providing personal information. If a question deserves a tailor-made treatment, generate a ticket in your CRM or ticketing tool.

Adapt to your visitors

The automatic translation option makes your Anti-chatbot polyglot in 1 click (108 languages).

No more boring translation question by question and answer by answer!


Understanding the unspoken

A question is never trivial. Be smart, identify the weak signals of your customers and prospects, thanks to EMPATHIC.

Leverage TeamBrain Technology

TeamBrain’s proprietary technology has been designed by business experts to answer questions in 1 click and automate knowledge capitalization. With the Anti-Chatbot, avoid the pitfalls of traditional dynamic chatbots and FAQs.


Chatbot boosted by Machine Learning

Through our TeamBrain engine, your site can learn from interactions with Internet users and provide appropriate answers out of your experts' answer base.

Division of your tickets by 6

TeamBrain answers 90 to 95% of all questions automatically, real time-saver for your support and staff.

Your freed business experts

TeamBrain allows your experts to respond in a simple or complex (conversational) way without a chatbot expert. Your experts are self-reliant.

Optimized maintenance

Your TeamBrain knowledge base is streamlined (no duplicates) and allows you to easily maintain your answers over time.

Ultra-fast setup

Give TeamBrain the answers to the questions you are repeatedly asked and let it ask your expert when, and only when, a new question arises. That's all!

Easy integration

With only two lines of code, TeamBrain is on your site and allows you to manage your knowledge base.

A 5 minute start-up time


Commencez par créer vos thèmes et invitez les experts qui répondront aux nouvelles questions de vos utilisateurs.


Entrez quelques questions et leurs réponses (10 à 30) pour amorcer votre "bulle de connaissance"


Vous n'avez plus qu'à intégrer votre TeamBrain sur votre site (en plugin ou en collant deux lignes de code).

What are the differences between us and others?

Caractéristiques Les chatbots traditionnels TeamBrain
Caractéristiques Setup en moins d'1 heure
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Autonomie de vos experts métier pour alimenter le chatbot (réponses simples ou arbres de décision)
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Aucun travail de linguiste ou consultant ou développeur n'est nécessaire pour créer ou améliorer votre chatbot
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Auto-apprentissage : TeamBrain apprend des interactions avec les utilisateurs
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Compréhension des intentions : TeamBrain capte les intentions de vos utilisateurs et effectue une levée d’ambiguïté dynamique
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Interroge les bons experts en cas de nouvelle question
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Enrichissement progressif : TeamBrain capitalise automatiquement les réponses de vos experts
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Multilingue (+100 langues) avec une base de connaissance en une seule langue pivot (FR/EN/ES)
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Base de connaissance rationnalisée donc facilement maintenable (pas de doublons)
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Intégration facile (2 clics)
Les chatbots traditionnels
Caractéristiques Prix à usage illimité (nombre de requêtes et nombre d'utilisateurs illimités)
Les chatbots traditionnels

They trust us

And save a huge amount of time thanks to us!

The features you need

Posos Alternative: TeamBrain Dashboard

Self-completion and semantic intelligence

When asked, TeamBrain engine suggests questions close to those asked by your users by self-completion, thus redirecting only real new questions to your experts. Learning from users' clicks, TeamBrain becomes more and more intelligent

Competency Matrix

New questions are sent directly to the right experts, in line with the areas of expertise of each of your experts.

Search bar or widget

You can integrate TeamBrain as "search bar" or "tooltip" allowing access to one or multiple "knowledge bubble(s)".

FAQ page & SEO

Thanks to the FAQ and SEO options, a page is automatically generated and is fed by your live knowledge base, which allows you to improve your natural referencing.

TeamBrain Dynamic FAQ

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With TeamBrain, I divided my support requests by 6!
(Emmanuel Poidevin, President of e-Attestations)

Emmanuel Poidevin, Président d'e-Attestations

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