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Table des matières

What is it?

Until then, it was possible to set up many details in your TeamBrain tooltip: the icon, the color, the texts as well as the positioning and time before appearing. From now on, you can also add an automated message that starts the conversation with your visitor and calls them to inquire with you.

Démonstration du message de démarrage de l'infobulle

How does it work?

To set up this feature nothing simpler:

Start by going to your administration space

Allez dans la page d'administration
Se rendre dans les paramètres avancés, Application pour site web

Go to Settings, then “Advanced Settings,” and finally “Application for Website.”

Select a community, and go into customization.

At the bottom of the page you will find the ability to activate the feature, the delay time of the message, and the content of the message.

Paramétrage de la fonctionnalité message de démarrage


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