The multilingual module is getting better!

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Table des matières

As you know, TeamBrain is multilingual, with 3 pivotal languages (French, English, Spanish), and the rest of the languages are available through translations automatically generated by Google’s services.

But until now from the moment your site was in French this was also the case for your tooltip. From now on access to your community via the tooltip is available on multilingual versions of your site.

Make yourself comfortable, and let me guide you!

How does it work?

Let’s say your community is in French, but an English user is looking for something, he just change his language to English as shown below:

When a recurring question is asked

What if a foreign language user (always an English) asks you a question in a language different from your pivotal language (French)?

It’s simple: the user asks a question in English

TeamBrain translates

He finds the answer in the pivotal language

He translates it back into the language of the user

It brings the answer and always in a flash ⚡

Multilingual module process scheme

When a new question is asked

Another case is that the question he asked is not listed. At TeamBrain we have promised you the right answer in all circumstances, and we keep our promises:

Multilingual module process scheme with the intervention of an expert

The user asks a new question:

TeamBrain translates the question

The expert receives it in his pivotal language

He answers it in French –

TeamBrain translates the answer into the language in which it was asked

The user receives the answer by email in his language

This makes it possible to satisfy more users, the language is no longer a barrier and that does not diminish the effectiveness of the tooltip! Note that the multilingual module is not functional in the interactive response at the moment, we are working on it!

If you have difficulties understanding or want to be informed on certain points, do not hesitate to ask the question in your TeamBrain tooltip via your administrator area 😉


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