CX Awards: TeamBrain wins Gold!

TeamBrain & SVP Gold CX Awards

After long weeks of preparations and presentations, it is with the greatest honor and pleasure that we announce that TeamBrain along with SVP have won first place in the Start-Up category of the CX Awards competition!

The CX Awards: reward for an effective and innovative customer relationship

Created by and Customer Relations magazine, the CX Awards is a competition rewarding the most innovative, successful, and creative customer relationship projects in several categories.

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Its two organizers are the leading media in France of B2B information and the animation of the professional community constituted by the leaders of the relationship and the customer experience.

Please & TeamBrain: 70% time saved thanks to self-care

Within SVP, specialized lawyers receive nearly 2000 questions a day.

SVP is therefore faced with 6 major challenges:

  • – the recruitment of competent legal resources with the right softskills;
  • – the continuous training of its resources;
  • – the capitalization and pooling of knowledge;
  • – the alignment of the quality of the answers provided;
  • – the ability to provide answers to H24/J7 customers;
  • – iso-team development.

By putting the TeamBrain solution in the form of a chatbot and dynamic FAQ at the center of its organization and knowledge management, SVP has significantly accelerated the training and skills development of its teams. Managers are ambassadors of knowledge and lead a community of experts who, united, dynamically pool their knowledge.

This pooling of knowledge allows lawyers to easily find the right answers to their clients’ questions and thus answer directly while ensuring that the answer given is in line with the law and the client’s expectations. It also generates a great emulation between the teams, a significant time saving to prepare the response and an improvement in the speed to respond.

This time saved, estimated at 60-70 %, is used to better support customers on more personalized requests.

CX Awards: TeamBrain and SVP win gold

Automation at your fingertips

TeamBrain’s mission is to free up your time and that of your team by automating recurring questions and capitalizing on your knowledge. We believe that this automation should be within everyone’s reach.

If you also want to automate up to 99% of your recurring questions then make an appointment with our team and start saving time!