Providing answers to visitors can be tedious, especially when questions are repeated

Dynamic bot FAQ

The real dynamic and self-learning FAQ

Dynamic FAQ is a knowledge bubble with questions and answers that are automatically updated through user interactions. TeamBrain’s Dynamic FAQ is a tool that allows youto automatically provide the most relevant answers to recurring questions.

The really smart dynamic FAQ

The TeamBrain dynamic FAQ captures the intentions of your visitors and capitalizes on the answers of your experts. You provide answers to the questions of your prospects or customers … when and where they ask themselves (business app, website, intranet or extranet, customer area …)

Dynamic FAQbot
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Automate up to 95% of your responses

Very efficient and award-winning for its results*, the TeamBrain technology embedded in the dynamic FAQ answers for you 95% of your visitors’ questions, with a low setup and continuous improvement designed by and for the business.

Increase your conversion rates by 20-30%

When you answer questions when prospects ask them (from a shopping cart or on a landing page for example), you mechanically increase the conversion rate and feed your CRM, while capitalizing on new questions and their answers.

Dynamic FAQbot
Dynamic FAQbot

Save time

The FAQ bot is set and integrated in a few hours. With 10-30 QR, you can confidently launch your self-learning knowledge bubble.

Optimize your customer journey

Depending on the nature of your visitors’ questions, choose Selfcare or support your leads. Direct your visitors or collaborators to the right channels, tools or documents.

Dynamic FAQbot
Dynamic FAQbot

Leverage TeamBrain Technology

TeamBrain’s proprietary technology has been designed by business experts to answer questions in 1 click and automate knowledge capitalization. With TeamBrain, avoid the pitfalls of traditional dynamic FAQs.

The benefits of a Dynamic FAQ

FAQ boosted by Machine Learning

Through our TeamBrain engine, your site can learn from interactions with users and provide appropriate answers out of your experts' answer base.

Division of your tickets by 6

TeamBrain answers 90 to 95% of all questions automatically, real time-saver for your support and staff.

Ultra-fast setup

Teach TeamBrain the answers to the questions you are repeatedly asked and the expert to interrogate when a new question arises. That's all!

Easy integration and maintenance

With only two lines of code, TeamBrain is on your site and allows you to manage your knowledge base.

They trust us

And save a huge amount of time thanks to us!

The features you need

Posos Alternative: TeamBrain Dashboard

Self-completion and semantic intelligence

When asked, TeamBrain engine suggests questions close to those asked by your users by self-completion, thus redirecting only real new questions to your experts. Learning from users' clicks, TeamBrain becomes more and more intelligent

Competency Matrix

New questions are sent directly to the right experts, in line with the areas of expertise of each of your experts.

Search bar or widget

You can integrate TeamBrain as a search bar or a widget, on one or several knowledge bases.

SEO Optimization

Thanks to the SEO option, a page is automatically generated and is fed by your live knowledge base, thus improving your natural referencing.

TeamBrain Dynamic FAQ

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"[Avec TeamBrain] we were able to automatize the time it took us to answer all the questions of all the parents"

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