How can I relieve my customer service during the covid?

What if I told you that there was a solution that would allow you to manage the additional demands of your users without hiring a new person? All this thanks to automation.

Did someone order a miracle?

Do you want to reduce the number of calls to your customer service department?

Whether you sell services or products, the pandemic makes it difficult to do so and causes order cancellations or bulk transactions. Normally you have a few cancellations but not enough to overload your customer service department, but with covid, this has become the main activity of your service department, to the point where you should increase the number of people employed.

But that means new expenses while you sell less.

What if I told you that there was a solution that would allow you to manage the additional demands of your users without hiring a new person? All this thanks to automation.


A classic FAQ

At first you probably thought of a FAQ, to answer the questions that come up most frequently… unfortunately, customers still ask you either because they haven’t found the answer to their question or because they think their situation is an exception. But, the classic version of the FAQ is hard to set up and keep up to date.

Last but not least… people go less and less on the classic FAQ pages because very few are effective!

Improve your customer journey!

My first piece of advice is to encourage you to study your customer journey in order to direct your users to the most appropriate communication channels: support = FAQ page, lead-generation = CRM and appointment setting tool. We carry out customer journey audits for this purpose and can offer you ad-hoc solutions, do not hesitate to contact us (appointment available at the bottom of the page)

For your customer service, my second piece of advice would be to use a dynamic self-learning FAQ (be careful, it’s not the same thing as a classic faq, don’t offend us!). You can refer to this article to learn more about the different types of faq.

The dynamic FAQ, is a Frequently Asked Questions that is intelligent, it helps the user to find the answers he is looking for, updates automatically and needs very little setup. No, I’m not talking about something that comes out of my imagination or that would require an entire team of developers to implement, but only a small line of code to integrate into your site to benefit from the TeamBrain dynamic FAQ. It is the perfect tool to relieve your customer service in these times of covid!

The dynamic TeamBrain FAQ

But let’s not put the cart before the horse, what is TeamBrain? (but especially how much it costs because I promise you savings but not in the air!)

the TeamBrain Tool

TeamBrain is a knowledge management software that, by automating the questions you receive, allows you to reduce the number of requests for your customer service. TeamBrain does this through a dynamic FAQ self-learning which is powered by Machine Learning (you know the famous artificial intelligence ;). The number of automated questions that your support team no longer has to answer can reach 98%.

The operation is simple, in a search bar or tooltip, your customer or user asks a question. Then 2 things can happen: either the question has already been answered in your database or it is not the case and the question is addressed to an expert that you have previously chosen. Your expert answers the question directly to TeamBrain, which then enters it into the database and emails it to the person who asked the question.

And the circle is complete! The next time the question is asked the answer will be automatic, even if it is formulated differently.

How? TeamBrain, allows you to associate several questions with the same answer and thus avoid duplicates in your database!

Discover more features on our product page.

At what cost?

As for the cost, unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you by the number of tickets because we realized that it was inflationary, but we base it on the number and size of the “knowledge bubbles” your users need, so you can be sure of the efficiency of our product.

You can learn more about our offer on our pricing page. And to confirm your choice you can do a free trial here.


You want to prevent your travel company from ticket overload (emails, calls from your users). Following my advice you decide to choose a dynamic self-learning FAQ, TeamBrain, to support your customer service.

The recurring questions they ask you such as: “Can I cancel my reservation because of the covid or can I postpone my trip?”, will then be automatically recorded in your database as soon as they are answered by your expert.

Your customer service department will then be able to focus on the exceptions because most of the questions will be answered automatically, up to 95-98% as mentioned above.

Automation means lower costs and therefore allows your business to thrive longer.

TeamBrain improves SEO

But that’s not all, the questions entered in the TeamBrain database are then also directly available on Google, so it improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! How?

It is quite simple, if for example you propose to book a residence on the French Riviera, and the question is registered in the TeamBrain database, then when a user searches on Google: “book a residence on the French Riviera” your site will appear among the best answers of Google.

In conclusion

I hope this article has given you hope to help your customer service department in these covid times! If you would like to get in touch with our specialists, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our team to learn more.

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Have a nice evening!