How to relieve the admission team of schools and universities?

You are a school and you wonder if TeamBrain would be useful to you? This article is for you!

Soon the recruitment and admissions periods will begin and, like every year, your Admission team will spend its time answering recurring questions. You are overwhelmed, to the point where you sometimes can’t answer all the questions, even though you have the answer! Frustrating isn’t it?

Consider me as your fairy godmother, with a wave of my magic wand I will give you the tools to facilitate your work, not with a coach and a beautiful dress but with artificial intelligence: TeamBrain. You don’t know? let me introduce you.



Introducing TeamBrain, a software company whose goal is to automate up to 95% of the questions you are asked every day. The software does this through a dynamic self-learning FAQ that is powered by Machine Learning (you know the famous artificial intelligence ;). As they say: Work Smarter not Harder.

Application for Schools

But in concrete terms, Camille, what does this mean?

Let’s take an example of a recurring question: How much is the tuition for an economics degree? If this question is not yet in the database then it will be sent to an expert by email, such as someone from the admission team. Once answered, it will be entered into the database and the next time a student asks that question the answer will be instantaneous.

Le saviez-vous : « 69% des 16-24 ans attendent une réponse immédiate quel que soit le support »

But this begs the question: Often students don’t phrase questions the same way, does that mean I’ll have to answer them again?

TeamBrain allows you to associate questions so that you won’t have duplicates in your databases, and the answer will be automatically suggested to the user.


But TeamBrain can go even further and offer you interactive answers! The interactive answers work like a conversational chatbot, but we prefer the term “anti-chatbot” because unlike the others you can ask any question and will get your answer in any case 😉

To give you an example… Let’s change the user, one of your students for example. It addresses your tooltip on your site and asks: when is the new school year? the anti-chatbot will ask you: What program are you in? The student tells the anti-chatbot his program and the anti-chatbot will give him his start date. This allows you to give more precise answers to your users and thus make complex information simple thanks to TeamBrain. Do you understand the term interactive response better? 😉

Here is an explanatory video for a little more schematization:


In short, you can use TeamBrain for several audiences (we call them knowledge bubbles or communities):

  • in admissions: answering recurring questions, which saves time for the admissions team and allows them to deal with more complex questions.
  • for student life: answer students’ questions (concerning administration, calendar, personal file, documents, IT questions, health protocol…)
  • within the framework of relations with companies: companies can question schools and obtain automatic answers 24/7 concerning, for example, internships, work experience, etc.
  • for your employees’ questions: whatever the topic: HR, IT, legal, administration, health protocol

The options

You have one last hesitation because you are an international school? Don’t worry, activate the multilingual TeamBrain option: it translates the answers and questions into 3 pivot languages and the others automatically. For more details I let you read the article about it here.

As you can see, TeamBrain has many uses, a bit like a toolbox.

But TeamBrain has many other options that unfortunately can’t be covered in this article, such as integrating the tool into your Facebook messenger or using your responses to drag in CTA buttons.

Want to know more? You can make an appointment with us via this calendar to start a free trial:

In conclusion

J’espère qu’à travers cet article vous avez pu saisir la variété d’application de l’outil de TeamBrain.

En attendant le prochain article je vous souhaite une belle semaine !

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