We are back today for an interview with the FEPEM represented by by Armonie Sabathier and Aurélie Faucheux to get their feedback on the use of TeamBrain. Karine Lisadorour Senior Account Manager joined us to uss give us a 360° view on this project. So I’ll let our guests introduce themselves.

The FEPEM for 3.3M Individual Employers and 1.4M Employees

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Can you introduce yourself and your company FEPEM?

FEPEM is the socio-professional organization representing private individuals who have been helping to structure the home employment sector for over 70 years. It represents the 3.3 million individuals who employ more than 1.4 million employees at home, a true organized civil society that works for the general interest.

For example, if you want to hire a home help, you just have to go on the FEPEM website to get all the necessary information. You can also subscribe to their offer and benefit from advice and even legal support if desired.

We have today Armonie and Aurélie to represent FEPEM, I let you introduce yourselves.

– Armonie Sabathier : Nice to meet you, I am Marketing Manager for FEPEM. I joined this project in October and my role was to check the question base and include teasers and CTAs in them. I will hand over to my colleague.

– Aurélie Faucheux: Thank you Armonie. Nice to meet you, and I am CIO of FEPEM. On this project, I was in charge of the integration of TeamBrain.

Thank you for these introductions. On the TeamBrain side, we have Karine Lisador, whom I will let introduce herself.

– Karine Lisador : Hello, I have been a project manager at TeamBrain for over 4 years. I accompany the customers in the grip, the installation and the deployment of the solution in phase of pre-live; and I remain their privileged contact after the go-live in the management of their customer account to the daily newspaper (continuous improvement, follow-up of the performance, new needs, new functionalities).

Challenges: make the NCC known, inform Individual Employers and Employees and improve SEO

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What did you have before TeamBrain?

: We had a FAQ static classic.

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Why did you want to change your tool and adopt TeamBrain?

: In the context of the release of the new Convention Collective National Convention (C
CN), the FEPEM wanted to deploy dynamic FAQs to make this this Convention more understandable and accessible accessible to our general public. During the project, it was decided to expand the question base to include information on the employment relationship between ParticuliersEmployers and Employees.

TeamBrain for the simplicity of use and maintenance, the responsiveness of the team, the SEO

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What convinced you to use our solution?

: Several reasons reasons pushed us to pass thee not. Tirst of all, the team was very responsive and the configuration and l(integration were fast, which made it possible to meet the set deadline. As for the tool itself, it is simple to understand, maintenance is easy, and in addition, the SEO FAQ improves the natural SEO ranking which for us was an important criterion.

Quick and easy to set up TeamBrain

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Have you chosen a package or a customized formula?

We have oriented our choice towards the pack Enterprise with dthem pages FAQ SEO (allowsnt to improve the referencement natural on Google) and two tooltips with a number of questions unlimitedes and support with a Account Mdedicated managerKarine in our case. We have doubled the number of tooltips and SEO FAQ pages for our two communities; for ParticulinkEmployer and ParticulinkEmployment.

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How did the project start?

FEPEM: We joined the project once the questions were defined; the takeover was rather quick. Indeed, understanding the concept and the functioning of the tool was rather simple! In the end, the questions that took us longer to decide on in the project concerned our internal processes, such as: “who is going to be the expert in this community? Once all the decisions were made, Karine guided us through the setup phase.

Karine Lisador: We contacted the project managers of the Individual-Employer side, Aurélie, Armonie and myself, in October to launch the kick-off and the retroplanning for a go live in mid-December. Since the pillar of the project is content, a large part of our workshops focused on writing and editorial rules to harmonize the knowledge base. Aurélie and Armonie were fully involved in the project from the beginning, and in the handling of the tool in order to understand how it works as quickly as possible. We were able to move forward quickly on the settings and customization of the platform. For Particulier Emploi, we are on the last straight line before launching.

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What were the human resources invested in this project?

FEPEM: There are two of us on the project from Particulinks Employers, without count lhe experts. While on the ParticulinkEmployment, it n’there thata single person in charge. Between november and dDecember, we have dedicated to the at least 50% ofe our time on this project, and the lasts weeks, as we approach the implementation of the production, we are past à 70%. This is what made it possible for us to meet our goal of a live show in mid-December.

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Were there any obstacles during the installation of the tool?

: Yes, linkeds to the structure of our site web.

Results: Huge success, 98.31% of automatic responses after one month

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What results did you achieve by installing TeamBrain?

FEPEM: When we did a study on the results, we realized that TeamBrain was very quickly used by our Internet users. Indeed, a lot of clicks were recorded on the CTAs present in the questions (these CTAs direct our users to our offers among others – so very important for us). Another positive result, which we did not necessarily anticipate, is that the platform is used a lot outside of our business hours. With TeamBrain, we can see when our FAQ bubble is being used, and we have seen a lot of use between 00:00 and 8:00 am.

Karine Lisador: With more than 10,000 connections during the month after the launch, we can say that it was a huge success, and that visitors to the Particulier-Employeur site have adopted the TeamBrain bubble! One month after the launch, the automation rate (i.e. the proportion of searches that did not result in a new question because users found answers to their questions in the tool) is 98.31%, an exceptional rate, which shows the relevance of the work done by Armonie and Aurélie on the content. We are delighted that TeamBrain was able to help all those people looking for answers, especially during the holiday season when most of the teams were on vacation.

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Is there anything you like about TeamBrain?

FEPEM : The tool is simple to use and the fact of having the dashboard with the results is a real plus! And Karine, thanks to her organization, made the project simple, which allowed us to save a lot of time!

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Karine, a final word on this experience with FEPEM?

It was a pleasure to work with Aurélie and Armonie in project mode, and with the rest of the FEPEM TEAM (communication, marketing, IT etc.). They are part ofe of these customers with whom the project took place in total symbiosis, in involvement, reactivity, and trust. Because if the final objective is to save time and automate as much as possible the answers given, it is necessary to devote of time and of resources at beforehand.

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If your testimony could be summarized in two words, what would you say?

FEPEM : Satisfactory collaboration!

In conclusion

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