TeamBrain connects its Chatbot to Whatsapp

Nowadays, the alternative to a chatbot is often the instant chat (“livechat”) animated by a customer relations team. But in the end, can’t we find a compromise that allows you to benefit from the chatbot’s response speed (24/7) and the human warmth of a relationship with your customer relationship team? The answer in this article!

Chatbot or Instant Chat? The 2, my captain!

You choose to adopt a chatbot. For what purpose? Automate your support and save money. The result is there for recurring questions: “how to access my space?”, “how long does the delivery take?” etc. but the chatbot is not perfect: with each new question, it bugs.

TeamBrain Bomb

Sinon, vous pouvez choisir le chat instantané ! Toutes les questions ont une réponse, pour les clients qui préfèrent le contact humain c’est parfait, tout à l’air de marcher 😌, dou moins lorsque vos équipes sont disponibles. Mais cette machine à l’apparence bien huilée manque d’automatisation. Vous devez en effet faire appel à des animateurs de groupe / communauté, idéalement sur des plages horaires étendues. Vous finissez par payer fort cher support relation client qui au final répond à la même question 80% du temps. 

losing money

TeamBrain responds automatically by capitalizing on the answers of your experts ...

TeamBrain has understood your problem and taken up the challenge of making your life easier, by creating a new add-on 🙂

Just as a reminder, TeamBrain comes in several forms:

  • Chatbot, more commonly known as FAQ bubble, tooltip or “Anti-Chatbot”.
  • Dynamic FAQ page, with 2 variants: simple FAQ page and FAQ page with advanced SEO.
These solutions are based on the same concept: you initiate a few questions and answers (10 to 30), then your knowledge base enriches itself thanks to your users, how?
Let me explain. The user types a question into your search bar; either he finds a similar question in the suggestions, or he indicates that it is a new question. During this process, TeamBrain asks for the user’s e-mail address, so that he can receive the answer provided by your expert. Once the question is answered by your expert, it is capitalized: it automatically enriches your online knowledge base.
Your customer never goes unanswered and you automate up to 99% of your responses!
This gives you the optimal product that we mentioned above during the review of the advantages and disadvantages of a classic chatbot on the market and instant messengers. But you asked us to go even further and incorporate instant messaging.

... and allows you to optimize your Whatsapp groups!

You asked us to allow the user who sent a new question to connect to your instant chat (Whatsapp group) in order to have their answer directly. Thus, the question is capitalized in the base and the customer immediately satisfied. This feature is available in the bubble FAQ (our chatbot).

1️⃣ The user searches the bubble FAQ


The answer is not available, the user submits his question in the new question form

3️⃣A  confirmation message is displayed and then offers a livechat via a WhatsApp button. The WhatsApp button is displayed in working hours when experts are available (defined in the administration interface).  Under the message and the WhatsApp button is displayed a generic message with the phone number of the switchboard and the opening hours.

4️⃣ The expert can consult the question asked via his e-mail and answer it by capitalizing or not the answer

illustration of the whatsapp connector

Do not hesitate to contact us here if you would like to know more about our product 🙂

In conclusion

I hope that this article has allowed you to understand how to get the most out of a chatbot upstream of your WhatsApp groups while optimizing the animation of your groups. To go further on the optimization of the use of your chatbot, I advise you to read the article published last week on the subject: A Chatbot for the sale and automation of support

I wish you a good week and let you follow us on social networks to be aware of the latest news!