Are your tickets piling up?
TeamBrain makes them disappear !

TeamBrain automates the processing of your recurring questions.

You have issues

You are responsible for customer relations within your team,and you use a ticketing tool. Only your tickets accumulate while most requests are recurring. However, your challenge is to ensure  ensure a certain quality of service and  good working conditions for your agents.

Absorb peaks of activity

Absorb peaks immediately and leave no questions unanswered with automation

Capitalize on your knowledge

Capitalize on the knowledge of your team to make it available 24/7

Certify information

Certify your answers and those of your team with your experts


In a search bar

Essayez-moi 👇😄 !

For high visibility and optimal compatibility, choose a search bar that will be added to the menu of your site.

Or in a widget

TeamBrain is limitless, and can be integrated into a web page, your social networks or even into your email flow.

Tooltip TeamBrain


They trust us

A win-win situation

for you and your customers

Bringing selfcare to a new level

Process more request through the same means.

Take care of your customer service image

An easy and quick setup, with a VIP customer care

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