Are your tickets piling up?
TeamBrain makes them disappear !

TeamBrain automates the processing of your recurring questions.

You have issues

You are responsible for customer relations within your team,and you use a ticketing tool. Only your tickets accumulate while most requests are recurring. However, your challenge is to ensure  ensure a certain quality of service and  good working conditions for your agents.

Absorb peaks of activity

Absorb peaks immediately and leave no questions unanswered with automation

Capitalize on your knowledge

Capitalize on the knowledge of your team to make it available 24/7

Certify information

Certify your answers and those of your team with your experts


In a search bar

Essayez-moi 👇😄 !

For high visibility and optimal compatibility, choose a search bar that will be added to the menu of your site.

Or in a widget

TeamBrain is limitless, and can be integrated into a web page, your social networks or even into your email flow.

TeamBrain tooltip


They trust us

A win-win situation

for you and your customers

Bringing selfcare to a new level

  • An average of 95% of answers brought directly to the customer through TeamBrain.
  • 0 questions left unanswered, your customers can get an answer, even if it is not in your knowledge base.
  • Human first, because only a human can truly understands another human. Here at TeamBrain we realized and adopted this philosophy to reach 90% of response satisfaction.

Process more request through the same means.

  • Only answer new questions, TeamBrain takes care of those you already answered.
  • By automatizing recurrent questions, you focus your team on value-added requests, thus providing a better customer service.
  • Lower your churn in your team by improving their daily work.

Take care of your customer service image

  • Making it available 24/7 for your clients.
  • Integrate TeamBrain in any environment : website, intranet, software, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, documentation, and many more ...
  • Improve the image of your customer service thanks to this game changing selfcare tool.

An easy and quick setup, with a VIP customer care

  • TeamBrain does not require any qualification to set up, no need for the tech guys to save you, you are autonomous.
  • From just a few hours to a few days for the largest organizations, TeamBrain can be deployed without a decision tree, installs quickly and takes charge without technical skills.
  • Profit of a follow-up with an account manager to ensure the proper use of the product as well as qualitative and always satisfactory assistance.

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