Is your team overflowed with candidates' questions ?

Thanks to TeamBrain, you'll now be able to focus on priority resquests.

TeamBrain automatically process recurrent questions.

Your challenges

You’re in charge of Customer Services, and your team is overflowed with tickets.

You’d like to focus on request with a strong added value, but the recurrent questions of your client eat most of your time.

Nevertheless, you believe it is of the upmost importance to process and resolve each ticket with speed and precision.

TeamBrain can help you !

40% of your requests could be automatized

More than 72% of customers would rather find the answer themselves than speak with support teams

88% believe that and immediate answer would help retainement


In a search bar

Essayez-moi 👇😄 !

For a better visibility and high compatibility, choose the search bar and add it to your website or any software you use.

Or in a widget

TeamBrain can be integrated anywhere, in a web page, your social networks, or even in your mailing tool.

TeamBrain tooltip


They trust us

A win-win situation

for you and your customers

Bringing selfcare to a new level

  • An average of 95% of answers brought directly to the customer through TeamBrain.
  • 0 question left unanswered, your customers will find the answer even if it is not in your FAQ.
  • Human first, because only a human can truly understand another human. We, at TeamBrain, understood that and have been working on a system that drove us to 90% of satsfaction on answers given.

Process more request through the same means.

  • Only answer new questions. TeamBrain takes care of the questions you've already given the answer to.
  • By automatizing recurrent questions, you focus your team on value-added requests, thus providing a better customer service.
  • Lower your churn in your team by improving their daily work.

Brighten the image of your customer service.

  • Making it available 24/7 for your clients.
  • Making it available through any of your environnement : website, intranet, software, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, documents, and many more...
  • Better your customer service reputation with a brand new way of selfcare.

An easy and quick setup, with a VIP customer care

  • TeamBrain does not require any qualification to set up, no need for the tech guys to save you, you are autonomous.
  • From a few hours to a couple days for the biggest organisations, TeamBrain can be plugged very swiftly, and does not need a decision tree to work.
  • You will profit of an account manager to ensure of good ownership of the product, and a support as reactive as satisfying.

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