Is your HR team overstretched?

TeamBrain relieves them!

TeamBrain remembers your answers and then answers for you automatically.

You have issues

You arein charge of an HR department, and your team is overburdened with questions from your employees, most of which are recurring.

You wish to devote time for your employees to accompany them in their tailor-made request. Would you like to increase the efficiency of your job description?

You would like to offer a high-performance HR communication service that can handle all requests and respond as quickly as possible.


More than 90% of HR requests are recurring.

More than 72% of employees favour access to information without human contact

More than 10% time saved for higher value-added tasks


In a search bar

Essayez-moi 👇😄 !

For high visibility and optimal compatibility, opt for a search bar that will be added to your site’s menu.

Or in a widget

TeamBrain s’intègre parfaitement sur votre site ou espace client et se fond dans votre charte graphique grâce à sa haute personnalisation.

Ajoutez cette infobulle sur vos pages pour être toujours présent et disponible pour vos visiteurs

Infobulle TeamBrain


What is it?

A win-win situation


Focus where you have value

  • Only answer new questions, TeamBrain will take care of questions you've answered already
  • Automatically answer recurring questions and let your staff focus on high added value tasks.
  • Human first, because only a human truly understands another human. Here at TeamBrain we understand and adopt this philosophy to achieve 90% of satisfaction in responses.

Offer your employees an experience that is part of their daily life

  • Digital now provides instant access to information
  • Up to 95% of questions asked are answered automatically


  • Integrate TeamBrain in the form of a search bar or widget in your intranet easily
  • For more efficiency, connect TeamBrain with your HRMS tools for personalized responses
  • No decision tree to build or maintain, just an instant efficiency


  • Use TeamBrain data to generate and visualize your ROI
  • Dare to initiate an effective change management by creating anonymous communities that will post the information that interests you
  • Understand the expectations of your employees by analyzing the questions asked

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