Optimize your legal expertise, effortlessly.

Your employees access your operational knowledge instantly.

TeamBrain capitalizes in real time the questions of your interlocutors.

Your issues

You are in charge of a legal department, and this service is the fruit of years of expertise that it is important to capitalize on.

You have recurring questions about your procedures, you want to align procedures, pool your knowledge, capitalize on the knowledge of the most experienced, as well as facilitate the skills development of your new employees.

TeamBrain can help you by capitalizing on your knowledge and increasing your legal efficiency.


70% of operational knowledge is documented (source: SVP)

40% of the hours worked are devoted to finding information (source: Garner)

Increase by 2 the time it takes for newcomers to become proficient in their new skills


In a search bar

Essayez-moi 👇😄 !

For a great visibility, integrate TeamBrain in your intranet, your collaborators will be only one click away from their answer.

Or in a widget

As a widget in your intranet or extranet, TeamBrain can also be deployed on your e-mails, documents, etc.

Infobulle TeamBrain


They trust us

A win-win situation

for your organization and your ecosystem

Effortless capitalization of your knowledge

  • Capitalize on your operational knowledge by simply answering the questions asked, TeamBrain will automatically store your answer in your knowledge base.
  • Pool the knowledge of the most experienced with that of the most junior.
  • Human first, because only a human can truly understands another human. Here at TeamBrain we realized and adopted this philosophy to reach 90% of response satisfaction.

Access to knowledge as easy as asking a question

  • A question about a procedure? Ask it on TeamBrain, you have a 95% chance of finding it because the question has surely already been asked.
  • If the question has never been asked, simply identify your referees on the topics on which they are experts.
  • Digitize your discussions to increase your knowledge.


  • Integration of TeamBrain wherever your employees are (intranet, e-mails, EDM etc.).
  • 0 decision tree to build and maintain, TeamBrain deploys in minutes.
  • Ask your ecosystem, TeamBrain integrates with different IS (LMS, ERP, CRM etc.).


  • Use the questions of your employees or your external ecosystem, and analyze the most asked questions by theme.
  • Automate recurring questions, and assess your ROI in one click.
  • Profit of a follow-up with an account manager to ensure the proper use of the product as well as qualitative and always satisfactory assistance.

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