Do your candidates have questions?

TeamBrain responds!

TeamBrain stores your responses and then responds for you automatically.

Your challenges

You are in charge of a school, its marketing department or admissions, and like many you are bombarded with questions by your candidates.

Your teams are overloaded with recurring questions when you would like to devote more energy to your qualified candidates as well as the missions with high added value.

TeamBrain can help you free up time for your teams and acquire new candidates.

Managing recurring questions represents up to 20% of the time of an admissions team.

More than 60% of the questions are recurrent and can be automated.

69% of 16-24 year olds expect an immediate response regardless of the medium.

Integration in multiple forms

In a search bar

Essayez-moi 👇😄 !

For high visibility and optimal compatibility, choose a search bar that will be added to the menu of your site or intranet that your students use.

Or in a widget

TeamBrain integrates perfectly on your site or intranet and blends into your graphic charter thanks to its high customization.

Add this widget on your platforms to be always present and available to your visitors.

TeamBrain tooltip

Why use TeamBrain ?

Our digital platform has been designed and developed to save you time by eliminating time-consuming tasks from your first use: TeamBrain, unlike many other automated solutions like ChatBots, is configured and operational in less than 2 hours and without decision tree.

In a nutshell

What is TeamBrain ?

Details matter

Focus your teams on the essentials

  • Respond automatically to recurring questions and let your staff focus on high value-added tasks.
  • A new question is not yet capitalized? TeamBrain will ring a domain expert and record their response for the next time. So you keep control over the answers provided so that they are right and qualitative without consulting the entire team.
  • In addition to artificial intelligence, TeamBrain uses collective intelligence to understand the meaning of questions and interpret them.

Use the questions of your candidates

  • Keep an eye on your data with our customizable dashboard that brings together the most relevant information, so that nothing slips by you.
  • Each question asked and each answer provided feeds the knowledge base of which you are the master, never lose track.
  • TeamBrain analyzes flows and trends to create recommendations for questions about subjects that interest your candidates and thus capitalize on them.

Each answer is an opportunity

  • Bring more to your candidates thanks to the response tools which allow you to add videos, forms, hypertext links, CTA, and variable text directly in your answers.
  • Integrate TeamBrain in any environment: website, intranet, software, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or documentation ...
  • TeamBrain translates the questions between the interlocutors for a clear exchange, making you available for candidates around the world.

A quick and easy setup, VIP follow-up

  • TeamBrain is deployed without technical skills, no need to call on your developers or external service providers, you are independent.
  • From just a few hours to a few days for the largest organizations, TeamBrain can be deployed without a decision tree, installs quickly and takes charge even without technical skills.
  • Take advantage of a follow-up with an account manager to ensure the proper use of the product as well as qualitative and always satisfactory assistance.

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