TeamBrain selected for season 4 of French AssurTech

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After multiple tests, file and pre-selection, TeamBrain passes the last selection alongside 11 other startups to integrate the accelerator of French Assurtech during the 4th season!

Meeting French Assurtech

French Assurtech, a growth accelerator but not only ...

Launched in 2018 by the leaders of mutual societies, this accelerator is part of the desire of Groupama, Maaf, Macif, Maif and the IMA group to call for startups able to offer insurance services as well as for their customers. Selected and selected startups could thus join their French Assurtech accelerator.

The “happy few” spend 9 months being coached in the accelerator, which allows them to refine their strategy, test it and implement it. The objective is also to accelerate their growth as indicated by the eponymous name through new surveys and industrialization of processes.

After having already done a lot in previous seasons, French Assurtech has expanded the support of the selected start-ups to support them even better:

“To achieve our new objectives and go beyond the simple accelerator, as powerful as it is, we had to think about the implementation of new complementary devices. Thus, in addition to the acceleration program (FAT ACC), we are now adding 3 other bricks, namely:

– FAT CAMP, a virtual campus dedicated to the acculturation and training of mutual insurance employees;
– FAT XP, an experimental program to explore new territories not covered with the accelerator, and / or more disruptive needs;
– FAT FIN to facilitate access to financing for the accelerator’s startups and finally an event brick

Nicolas Bouffard, President of French Assurtech

TeamBrain qualifies thanks to its engine that generates savings for all its customers

TeamBrain is known to help you drastically reduce your tickets, with an automation rate between 95-97%. Used by platforms receiving a large number of solicitations over a very short period of time such as Rugby France 2023. Indeed, thanks to TeamBrain, 47% of calls to the support team were saved when selling more than 1.2 million tickets in 24 hours. TeamBrain also equips other websites, such as Credit Municipal, Individual-Employer or KeepCool.

We fit right into the “AI Customer Experience Revolution” category. Our tool, boosted by Machine Learning, provides your customers with the right answer, as quickly as possible while automatically capitalizing on the answers of your experts!

Alexandre Colin, Co-Founder of TeamBrain tells us about the selection of French Assurtech

“FrenchAssurtech is a great adventure.

Lao Tzu’s quote applies well to FrenchAssurTech 🙂 “The goal is not the goal, it’s the way”

We are not going to lie, obviously it is motivating to equip our mutual insurance solutions. But, in reality, French Assur Tech brings us much more, on many different aspects: highlighting, communication coaching, customer relations, identification of opportunities, report of astonishment, (…) with a super motivated, friendly and competent team. The relationship with mutuals is also very enriching because in a transparent way we learn to better understand them, to propose or co-build relevant solutions for them and for us, to identify improvements …

So obviously it was difficult to convince because there were plenty of candidates (> 100) including publishers of chatbots and self-care solutions, and few elected officials, but the fact is that we are happy with this great adventure, which has already materialized by a beautiful project within IMA, an enriching REX and we see beautiful prospects emerging.”

Alexandre Colin, President of TeamBrain

In conclusion

Want to know more about our solution and how to use it for your business? I suggest our article that helps you reduce your number of tickets (calls, emails, etc.).

We will keep you informed of the adventure through our newsletter and LinkedIn here. We wish you a very happy new year 2022, that it can start in style 🙂