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AI solution based on user experience

for a “4.0 Knowledge Management”


Shape your TeamBrain

TeamBrain® has many functionalities, which combined, allow you to increase user adoption and the business efficiency of your teams:

Shape your TeamBrain®, by selecting the modules you need:



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Real « Lego » of knowledge, CentralBrain facilitates the informal knowledge capitalization thanks to its self-Learning engine (machine learning) totally modular.



  • Efficiency: the setup can be done quickly, without any upfront decision-tree or dictionary configuration
  • Modularity: modules and options can be selected community by community depending on their needs
  • Instantaneity: information is spread on every communication channel at the same time (mobile, website, interactive terminal, connected object, …)
  • Expertise: answers are certified by the appointed referees
  • Autonomy: communities can be created, manages and spread directly by the operational managers
  • Flexibility: communities can be for internal or external or mixed use
  • Alignment of information : automatized workflows allow the alignment between experts
  • Maintenance: knowledge bases can be maintained easily
  • Business Intelligence: you can analyze needs, intentions and trends

Personnalize your answers !

With TeamBrain, you can personalize the answers given to your users by connecting your IT/apps :

Your ERPs


Your LMS


Your Apps