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Machine Learning that learns from experts and users

for a 4.0 knowledge management

Shape your TeamBrain®

TeamBrain® has many features, which, combined, allow you to increase the adoption and efficiency of your teams:

Shape your TeamBrain®,selecting the modules you need:

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A true “Lego” of knowledge, the core of TeamBrain (CentralBrain) allows the capitalization of informal knowledge thanks to its self-learning engine(


Differentiating points

  • Efficiency: the setup   is very fast, no tree or dictionaries to set up
  • Modularity:   Modules and options can be selected based on the needs of each community
  • Instantaneous: information is available on all channels at the same time (mobile, website, interactive kiosk, connected object, …)
  • Expertise:   The responses disseminated are certified by the appointed referees
  • Autonomy: Communities can be created, managed and disseminated directly by operational managers
  • Flexibility: Communities may be for internal, external or mixed use
  • Information alignment: Automated workflows align experts with each other
  • Maintenance: Knowledge bases are easily maintainable
  •   Business intelligence:   it is possible to analyze needs, intentions and trends

Personalize your answers!

With TeamBrain®,you can also customize responses to your users by connecting your space to your application environment:

Your ERPs


Your LMS


Your Apps