The next terms will be designated as follows:

  • « Site » or «Service» : the site Teambrain.io and all of its pages.
  • « Publisher” Teambrain, a legal or physical person responsible for publishing and publishing Site content.
  • « User” : the user visiting and using the Site Services.

These Terms and Conditions (CGUs) are proposed by the Site’s Editor. The Site User is invited to read carefully print these CGUs and/or save them on a medium Sustainable. The User acknowledges that he has become aware of the CGUs and accepts them completely and wholeheartedly.

Article 1 – Application of CGUs

The purpose of these CGU is to define the conditions for access to the Site Users. The Publisher reserves the right to change at any time CGUs by publishing a new version of these on the Site. The CGUs applicable to the User are those in effect on the day of its acceptance.

The Site is free and free access to any User. The acquisition of a product or service, or the creation of a member space, or in a more navigation on the Site requires the User’s acceptance of the all of these CGU, which also acknowledges that it has taken its full knowledge.

This acceptance may consist, for example, of the User checking the box corresponding to the acceptance sentence of these CGU, having by “I acknowledge that I have read and accepted all of the site’s terms and conditions.” Checking this box will be deemed to have the same value as a signature handwritten by the User.

The User recognizes the proof value of the registration systems The Publisher of this Site and, except for him to bring a to the contrary, it waives its challenge in the event of a dispute.

The acceptance of these CGUs assumes that the Users have the legal capacity to do so. If the User is underage or does not have this legal capacity, it states that it has permission from a guardian, curator or legal representative.

The Publisher makes available to the Client, on its Website, a privacy policy specifying all the information related to The use of the Customer’s personal data collected by Publisher and the customer’s rights to this data Personal. The data privacy policy is one of the Terms. The acceptance of these CGUs therefore implies the acceptance of Data privacy policy.

Article 2 – Legal mentions, personal data and the subject matter of the Site

This Site is published by Teambrain. Legal information about The host and publisher of the Site, including contact information and possible capital and registration information, are provided in the Legal Notice of this Site.

Information about data collection and processing (political and statement) are provided in the data charter Site’s personal staff.

The purpose of this Site is defined as “Information Site.”

Article 3 – Member area

The User registered on the Site (member) has the opportunity to access it by connecting with its identifiers (e-mail address set when it is registration and password) or possibly using such systems third-party social networking buttons. The user is fully responsible for protecting the password he has chosen. It is encouraged to use complex passwords. If the word User has the option to generate a new one. This password guarantees the confidentiality of the information contained in its “my account” and the User therefore forbids transmitting it or to share it with a third party. Failing that, the Site Editor will not be required to responsible for unauthorized access to a User’s account.

The creation of a personal space is an indispensable prerequisite for any User’s command or contribution to this Site. To that end, User will be asked to provide a certain amount of information Personal. It is committed to providing accurate information.

The purpose of data collection is to create a “member account.” If the data contained in the member account section were to disappear following a technical failure or a case of force majeure, the responsibility Site and its Publisher could not be engaged, as this information did not no probative value but only an informative nature. The pages member accounts are freely printable by the holder of the account in question but are by no means evidence, they have only one informational nature designed to ensure effective management of the service or services user contributions.

Each User is free to close their account and data on the Site. For this, he must send an e-mail to Teambrain indicating that he wants to delete his account. No recovery of its data will then be Possible.

The Publisher reserves the exclusive right to delete the account from any User who allegedly contravened these CGUs (notably, but without this example has no comprehensive character, once the User has knowingly provided incorrect information, when it was registered and (constitution of its personal space) or any inactive account since at least a year. The deletion will not be likely to constitute a damage to the excluded User who will not be entitled to any compensation that fact. This exclusion is not exclusive to the possibility, for the Publisher, to take legal action against the User, the facts have justified it.

Article 4 – Access And Availability of the Site

The Editor makes his best efforts to make the Site accessible by permanent, subject to site maintenance operations or servers on which it is hosted. If access to the Site is not possible, due to the technical problems or any kind, the User will not be able to avail himself of damage and will not be entitled to any compensation.

The Publisher of the Site is bound only by an obligation of means; His liability cannot be incurred for damage resulting from Internet use such as data loss, intrusion, viruses, service breakdown, or other.

The User expressly admits to using the Site at its own risk and under its sole responsibility.

The Site provides the User with information as an indication, with information imperfections, errors, omissions, inaccuracies and other ambivalences likely to exist. In any event, Teambrain will not be able to be held accountable:

  • of any direct damage indirect, particularly with regard to loss of profits, the lack of losses of customers, data and data, including losses result from the use of the Site, or on the contrary from the impossibility of Its use
  • dysfunctional, unavailability of access, misuse, poor use, poor configuration of the user’s computer, or the use of a browser little used by the User.

Article 5 – Links Hypertext

The Site may include hyperlinks to other sites.

The User therefore acknowledges that the Publisher will not be required to liable for any damage or loss that is proven or alleged, as a result of or in relationship with the use or the fact that they have become aware of the content, advertisements, products or services available on these sites or sources External. Similarly, the responsibility of the Editor of this Site cannot be to be engaged if the User’s visit to one of these sites caused him to be prejudice.

If, despite the efforts of the Editor, one of the hyperlinks present on The Site pointed to a website or an internet source whose content was or was appeared to be inconsistent with the requirements of French law to a User, the latter undertakes to contact the Director of the publication of the Site, whose contact details are included in the legal mentions of the Site, in order to communicate to it the address of the pages of the third-party site in question.

Article 6 – Cookies

A “Cookie” can be used to identify the Site User, personalisation of its site consultation and the acceleration of the view of the Site by recording a data file on its computer. The Site is likely to use “Cookies” mainly for 1) get navigation statistics to improve the user experience, and 2) allow access to a member account and content that is not accessible without a connection.

The User acknowledges that he is informed of this practice and authorizes the Publisher Site to use it. The Publisher undertakes never to disclose the content of these “Cookies” to third parties, except in the case of legal requisition.

Users can opt out of registering “Cookies” or set up their browser to be notified prior to the acceptance of “Cookies”. For Do this, the User will set up his browser:

Article 7 – Intellectual Property Rights

All elements of this Site belong to the Editor or to a third party or are used by the Publisher on the Site with permission to their owner.

Any representation, reproduction or adaptation of logos, textual content, pictographic or video, without this enumeration being limited, is strictly prohibited and is akin to counterfeiting.

Any User who is guilty of counterfeiting would be likely to to have its access to the site removed without notice or compensation and without this exclusion cannot constitute damage to it, without reservation possible further legal action against him, at the initiative of the Editor of this Site or its agent.

The trademarks and logos contained in the Site are likely to be filed Teambrain, or possibly one of its partners. Anyone their representations, reproductions, nestings, broadcasts and rebroadcasts incur sanctions under Articles L.713-2 and subsequent Intellectual property code.

Article 8 – Responsibility

The Publisher is not responsible for the users’ publications, their content and their veracity. The Editor cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage that could affect the computer system User and/or data loss resulting from the use of the user Site by user.

The Publisher is committed to constantly updating the content of the Site and provide users with accurate, clear, accurate and up-to-the-scenes information. The Site is in principle permanently accessible, except during operations maintenance and content update techniques. The Editor cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the unavailability of the Site or parts of it.

The Site Editor cannot be liable because of a technical unavailability of the connection, whether due in part to a case force majeure, maintenance, updating, altering the Site, hosting intervention, an internal or external strike, a power outage, or a power outage.

The Publisher cannot be held responsible for the non-operation, inability to access or malfunction the Site due to a unsuitable equipment, poor configuration or use of User’s computer, to malfunctions in the user’s services Users’ access provider, or those on the internet.

Article 9 – Notifications and complaints

Any notification or notice regarding these CGU, charter of personal data must be written down and sent by registered or certified mail, or by email to the address indicated in the legal mentions of the Site, specifying the contact details, name and surname notifyer, as well as the purpose of the notice.

Any claims related to the use of the Site, Services, Site on potential social networks or CGUs, legal mentions or personal data charter must be filed within 365 days of the the original day of the complaint problem, regardless of any law or rule of law to the contrary. In the event that such a claim does not not filed within 365 days, such a claim will be made unworkable in court.

It may be possible that the entire website and Services offered, and to a limited extent, inaccuracies or errors, or information that disagrees with the CGUs, mentions legal charter or the personal data charter. In addition, it is possible that unauthorized changes are made by third parties on the Site or on Ancillary services (social networks…).

In such a situation, the User has the option to contact The Site’s Publisher by mail or email to the addresses listed in the legal mentions of the Site, with, if possible, a description of the error and (URL), as well as sufficient information to enable it to be Contact.

Article 10 – Independence of clauses

If a provision of the CGU is found to be illegal, null or void or for any other unworkable reason, then this provision will be deemed divisible from the CGUs and will not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions.

The CGUs replace any previous or contemporary written or oral chords. They are not transferable, transferable or sub-licenciable by User himself.

A printed version of the CGU and all the notices given in the form electronic proceedings may be requested in legal proceedings or in relation to the CGUs. The parties agree that the entire correspondence relating to these CGUs must be written in the French language.

Article 11 – Act Applicable

These CGUs are governed by and subject to French law.

Unless there are public policy provisions, any disputes that may arise in the the framework of the implementation of these CGU may, before any legal action be taken, be subject to the Review of the Site Editor for a settlement Amicable.

It is expressly recalled that requests for an amicable settlement do not do not suspend the time open to bring legal action.

Unless otherwise stated, of public order, any legal action relating to implementation of these CGUs will have to be subject to the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction over the place of the defendant’s home.

All rights reserved – 03 January 2019